The Must-Play Casino Games

There is a multitude of games present on the casino floor and it is hard to decide which are the ones to try as most of those who go to a casino do so not with an infinite bankroll. Because of this, one must stick with the casino games that are more profitable than others in the long run as playing with casino games that tend to bankrupt players faster and more often are most likely to ruin the casino experience of anyone.

Every casino game has a house edge which is the term used to denote the advantage of the casino in each of its games. Since every game has one, it is just a matter of choosing casino games that has the least of house edge as they will be more profitable in the long run. Here are some casino games with the best of house edges, meaning they give the best odds for players, thereby being more profitable than other games:

Texas Hold' Em

This variation of poker has one of the least of house edges, if any, among all of the casino games. Aside from the cut of the house for every pot, the house edge can considered non-existent as Texas Hold 'Em is a poker variation where skill plays a very important role.

So the more the skillful the player, the greater their chances of winning, kicking the edge of the house out of the picture.


Blackjack is another card game which gives considerable advantage to its players. Like Texas Hold 'Em however, blackjack requires skill for players to skew the favor to their side. This required skill comes in the form of card counting, a technique so effective, it can reduce the house's edge even up to negative, meaning the advantage is held by the player over the casino.

Video Poker

Video poker, since being an electronic variation poker, is also card game where skill is essential. It is also among the few casino games where the house edge is minimal. Furthermore, the house edge can also be manipulated in this game to favor the player, as long as the player applies techniques good mathematical strategies to maximize gains and avoid losses as much as possible.

These are but some of the casino games with better house edges for its players. Playing in such games is good as it ensures long term profit for the players as the house edge does not give that much of an advantage to the casino.