The History of Online Casino

Online casino's beginnings were traced back in 1994. It was the year the first gaming software ever was developed. Microgaming may be limited at that time but it sure opened doors for Internet gambling to become a reality. Two years later it was introduced, a full pledged online casino opened.

InterCasino, the very first online casino, provided too little choices to the online gambling community. The games were few and they were just the simple varieties. But as with anything that is connected with technology, the progress was fast-paced. In such a short span of time, we came near to what we know of online casino today.

The ride was never that easy, however. During its early days, online casino faced a lot of threats to its security. Many operators tried to keep their identities private to keep hackers and frauds away. Then there were also crooked operators who tried to fool online gamblers. That was what slowed down the progress. That is why as soon as a definite security measure was developed, online casino industry zoomed into success.

Today, the software used by countless casino sites in operation is not solely from Microgaming. There were other gaming software manning the business. Each time a new software is introduced, an updated version of the other follows. In fact, Microgaming today is too far from what it was during its inception. Hundreds of game varieties were no longer a far-fetched reality. A substantial amount was invested to develop the most technologically adept software that would offer the most amazing casino experience. Security attacks are also quite few today. Both gamblers and casino operators alike were given sufficient protection against Internet scammers. This is truly the avenue that spelled the difference. If not for the government generating stricter rules pertaining to online gambling and for the non-government agencies who clearly serve the purpose of security, the online casino business would not be this successful.

In two decades, the online casino industry managed to become one of the most successful businesses in operation. The hordes of gamblers who entrust time, money, and effort to join in the club and partake in the fun have been overwhelming over the last few years. But that does not stop there. With so many improvement projects lined up, more and more online gamblers are expected to log-in. Serious and fun gamblers love the convenient that online casino offers. That is the basic point of interest that drives them to take interest and try a game or two or more!