For the Love of Horse Racing

OTB- Off track betting stations are found in strategic places especially where the location is teeming with people. Players who do not have the time nor have the added expenditure to visit a horsetrack linger around these type of betting stations.

The actual race in hooked on via television but it does not record the live ambiance of a horseracing event. However at these OTB stations there is still much commotion and noise and cheers or moans of defeat among the bettors.

Horseracing is a well loved sport. It commands a followers from the kings to the lowly group of society. The horseracing sport dates back to the Roman Empire where kings and the nobles were obsessed by the thrill it brought. The title Sport of Kings was synonymous to horseracing. Wealthiest members of society had access to the best events and were given A-1 treatment at reserved galleries. King Charles II of England established horseracing as an organized sport.

Soon after his knights came back from the Crusaders with Arab stallions there was a surge of demand to breed this type of horses with mares of English lineage. There was also an increase in the importation of this beautiful and strong stallions from Arabia. There was a clamor for offsprings that had stamina, speed, and strength. Soon racing with two horses became a favorite sport.

Even Queen Anne was a regular avid fan of horseracing and during her time large purses were a big attraction to gain the attention of spectators and players. Thoroughbred horses known for their great characteristics to win races continued to dominate the racing tracks.

They were known for their excellent body structure. They found praises that breeders and commercial breeders were enjoined to produce offspring's that could be potential champions, Derbys were held.

The Jockey Club was organized by the elite to support and control the appointment of races. The club did not want a race that had mediocre horses to vie for a tournament, Rigid administration and control diminished the illegal and dishonest practices on the tracks.

Clean domination of tracks made horseracing the sport of all sports. Waging became a favorite since this was a legalized sport. It had all the mechanisms in place to detect the true winner of an event. Close to the finish photographs are meticulously checked before results are given out.

It is common knowledge that as a standard procedure the wager evaluates the capabilities of a horse prior to the event day itself especially when there are bulletins to read on to make comparison of horses under certain conditions. Age, weight, mood, temperament breed are some of the important details a player considers to diminish his chances of losing.

The waging system that prevails on the American tracks is the pari-mutuel. Out of the total mount of bets a certain percentage is apportioned to the operation expenses, the jackpot purse and to the local and state taxes.

Computers do the efficient work of determining the remaining betting pools and odds of each horse. The remaining bet money is divided by the number of players and see what the payoffs are. This system has helped the government to pursue its own public projects too.

Bet on horses that brings in the best qualities to increase your chances of winning. It does not pay to be lax as to choose a horse you fancy to look pretty or handsome. Bet on a horse that has the potential to be a winner.

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